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Paper Plate

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May 7th, 2011 Posted 2:10 am

Paper Plate
Paper Plate

Paper Plate Scarecrow Craft

Children love scarecrows and autumn is a good time to do with your scarecrow craft preschool children aged child. With a paper plate and some other items you may already have in your house, put, you and your child this scarecrow crafts create in the shortest Time.

Accessories needed:

Paper plates
Google eyes
Brown construction paper
Orange construction paper
Red Pipe Cleaners
Craft feathers
Rubber cement
Glue gun (optional)

Note: Many of the above items may You might already have with the things to be replaced. For example, you can use felt or foam rubber instead of instead of building paper or straw or shredded paper
the bast. Your child could also draw the face with markers instead of sticking to them.

To get started, cut several pieces of raffia approximately 3-4 cm long. This is the scarecrow's Hair. Next glue raffia on each side edge of the plate to the top. The hat is on the top edge of the hair. I decided to use hot glue for this step and has the bonding for my children. The hot glue works best, it stuck fast on raffia.

Next use the scissors to cut a hat of brown colored paper. You can arbitrarily shaped hat your child wants. If your child is old enough to cut out a shape, the hat draw on paper for him and he cut himself out. Then you have your child brush some rubber-cement on the back of the hat and glue it on the scarecrow's hair.

After The hair and hat in place, you have to walk your child glue where the eyes and wants to keep him on the eyes. Next cut a small triangle out of orange construction paper and You have your child glue the nose on the scarecrow's face.

Next cut a red pipe cleaner in half, you have your child form half of them in the mouth, and then have him stick on the scarecrow. Last but not least, you leave your child place some glue on the end of a spring and have him push it under a Angle of the scarecrow hat.

That's it! Your preschooler will be so proud of his scarecrow, he will not be able to wait to show it all!

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