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Fax machine Products Introduction - fax machines, thermal transfer, ink-jet - printing special printing industry

Common fax machines currently on the market can to be divided into four main categories: 1, thermal paper fax machine (also known as Web-Fax), 2, Thermal transfer plain paper fax machine, 3, laser plain paper fax machine (Also known as a laser machine), 4, plain inkjet fax machine (also known as ink-jet of a machine known). The market is the most common thermal paper fax machines and inkjet Laser of a machine.

Works: fax machine works is simple you have to send the file, and in a series of black and white point information Look, this information has been converted into audio signals and transmitted over conventional telephone lines. The fax machine of the recipient "listens" to the signal, the corresponding point information is printed, so that the recipient will receive a copy of the original document sent. But the four types of fax machines in the received signal is printed is different, the differences between their works are in principle in these areas.

Thermal paper fax machine by the thermal print head to media the heat-sensitive colors melt material to print the desired text and graphics generated. Emerging from the thermal thermal transfer technology, is by adding coating of thermal transfer ribbons on the ribbon to transfer ink to paper on the origin of the image. The most common use of a thermal fax machine printed. Plain paper laser fax machine for imaging is the fax machine uses toner to a paper, its functioning, the body of a cartridge laser beam control, with the control of the laser beam on and off, making use of selenium drum produces images with a cargo area, this time inside the fax machine toner on the charge are attracted to a piece of paper to form text or graphic images. Inkjet fax machine is similar to the dot matrix type printing, the inkjet head by a stepper motor Move to eject from the inkjet print-head in the order of spraying ink on normal paper work as a whole.

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages: four most common is the fax machine thermal paper fax machines and inkjet / laser machinery, while the laser and inkjet printer prints only difference between a machine and Supplies used. Thus, in principle, be divided into two camps are compared, one is for the thermal paper fax machine, and other inkjet / laser of a machine.

The longest history of thermal paper fax machine, the price is relatively cheap, are its advantages flexible printing and automatic trim function, but can also be manually set and will automatically receive two recipients to receive mode. And inkjet / laser than a machine has a great advantage is the automatic identification mode. If the Fax machine set to automatically detect when the fax machine will stop after 2 seconds in the ring sound, to automatically detect each other in Mandarin, or fax machine a dial-panel play fighting over the keys. If the detection of other signals for the fax signal automatically receive a fax, if only the voice signal is detected, it will automatically recognize it as a call signal to the ring until it is no one answer and then give a signal of faxes received. This reception mode to automatically receive in comparison intelligent way, we were able to minimize the error mode automatically receive calls when the loss. The other is the thermal paper fax machine in a complex environment of the telecommunications or poor tolerability higher with very good results by fax.

Thermal fax machine has the biggest drawback is that only a fax, and some also have the copy and can not connect to the computer, compared with Inkjet / Laser one computer to the fax machine can not be achieved, work, and print to fax Computer scan. It is the hardware design is simple, relatively poor paging function, the general only one page is transmitted. The menu design of such fax machines relatively simple, specific criticism, is difficult to manually adjust the fax, the depth, contrast and other parameters.

Based on the thermal paper fax machine carried out on the only disadvantage of inkjet / laser of a machine must be noted that functional diversity. In addition to the usual fax and copy functions , a single machine, the computer for printing and scanning operations are connected, it can also be saved to the computer realization of fax features, could Save it to paper and ink. By installing the software can send faxes and computers to print to the fax function. The menu design, the inkjet / laser one machine can easily Panel set various parameters to fax manuscripts, but also the color reproduction and color fax capabilities to achieve. Automatic paging function, Inkjet / Laser a machine can automatically feed a page, so that by fax.

However, inkjet / laser an opportunity to receive the fax machine supports only the automatic mode and maintain manual receive mode, either does not support automatic detection, the machine is usually not set the microphone body. Another ink-jet and laser machinery need to challenging on line, usually directly to the phone line in the Council.

Direction: thermal paper fax machine, the longest history of development, The scope is now the most widely used technology is relatively mature, but the shortcomings of each function in the foreground, the long-term preservation requires the information by fax must copy one another, that too much trouble, but if the two larger or fax Fax relatively high demand and does not need users to scan and print functions, Thermal paper fax machine is more suitable.

With about inkjet / laser integration of machine technology further mature, its great versatility, the modern office applications was in a big way to improve the use of office equipment used and the efficiency of labor is still a relatively big help. So if a computer is around, with one scan, print, print on fax feature-rich fax machine is also a good choice. Fax

two categories at this time a broader market, have each with own characteristics, we can choose according to their own needs fax machine. About the Author

I am Hardware Wholesale writer, reports some information about four paws shampoo , tea tree oil dandruff.

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